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Science Fiction Author, General/Trauma Surgeon


Dancing in the Operating Room: Life and Love in the Trauma Unit Now available in print or e-book format


THIEVES PROFIT (get it here)

Novels and stories by Bruce Davis
I am an author, mainly of science fiction. I am also a Trauma surgeon and do a wide range of general surgery as well. I've been at it for 30 years now and am something of a dinosaur in the field. One of the last generalists. The website is divided into pages for my fiction, both short and long, and pages for various essays and observations - Ranting and Tales From the OR - where I try to provide some insight into the life and thoughts of a surgeon.
My newest novel, the second in the PROFIT series in now online at AKW Books. THIEVES PROFIT picks up a couple of years after GLOWGEMS FOR PROFIT. Zack and his crew are still barely scraping by, so when he gets an offer that will pay all of his outstanding debt and save the ship from foreclosure, it seems too good to pass up. Even if it involves a little thievery. As usual, nothing is as it seems. Soon he's on the run from the Feds, the Red Dragons and a shadowy assassin with whom he shares a common history. Get it from, or from Amazon.
My novel GLOWGEMS FOR PROFIT is out through AKWBooks. It's the first in the PROFIT series. Go to to download it. Read a sample on the STORIES page here and see if you like it. THIEVES PROFIT, the second book in the series is done and hopefully will be out in the coming year. 
The Chain Story is online. A project started by Michael A Stackpole, it is a hub of linked stories and author's websites designed to showcase the author's work and leverage audience by exposing readers to a wide range of writers. I am honored to have been asked to contribute a story, especially when I see that Mike and most of the writers in the project have published multiple novels already. There's a link at the top of the page to my story and from there you can explore the rest of the stories on the hub. Best of all, it's FREE.


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